HMS Release History

Available Now Bulk Email 2.0 — 18 July 2017
[New] WYSIWYG email designer
[New] Variables can be full HTML objects.
[New] Store personal email templates and download new templates
[New] Set the email’s From Name and ReplyTo Name
[New] Sending Emails can be paused, restarted
[New] Read Receipts available for recipient’s Mail Exchange and Mail program
[New] Open and click events within emails can be recorded online
[New] Online assets (pictures, documents, etc) can be uploaded and stored online making emails smaller
[New] More SMTP security settings
[New] Import Contacts from macOS address book
[New] Give recipients the option to ‘View Email in Browser’
[New] Extensive Help system
[New] Emails can be set to send on a particular date and time
[New] Create buttons to download files, link to web pages and unsubscribe
[New] Contacts database available to all email Campaigns
[New] Contact Groups and Membership
[New] Click events include browser type, browser version, screen size, mobile device, OS platform, rendering engine, recipient date/time, GMT offset, language, language direction, remote IP address, screen scale factor and IP approximate Geolocation (city, postcode, state/county and country)
[New] All reports allow the exporting of data in CSV, XML/XLS, tab-delimited and PDF formats
[New] Warns if there is no Opt-Out Unsubscribe warning as per CAN-SPAM Act
[New] Date Variables in multiple formats
[New] Automatically unchecks recipients who have been emailed too frequently.
[Fix] Plain body text is much tidier
[Fix] More reliable SMTP settings
[Fix] The Plain text email now has the correct merged data.
[Fix] Fixed a problem where the usernames and variables were not being substituted in the Plain Text of the email.

Bulk Email 1.0 — 12 June 2014
[New] Released on Apple App Store and Web Site
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