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Bulk Email is a utility to send attractive, personalised email to groups of recipients while keeping within anti-spamming laws and your mail server limits.

Quick Guide
Preparing a Bulk Email involves two processes — building the list of client emails and building the eMail-merge Template. Once these processes are complete the email will be ready to send:
  1. Create a new email Campaign
  2. Paste in your list of emails it it can parse them for you. Your emails will be checked for errors — correct emails will be checked ready to send, invalid emails will be unchecked.
  3. Design a Template using the WYSIWYG Designer or use one of the 50+ built-in templates. Or edit the HTML directly!
  4. Set the email SMTP limits to be below your email server provider's limits.
  5. Send a Test button first to verify its accuracy.
  6. Click the Send button to send a copy of the email to all your checked recipients. Send them in the background while you build your next Campaign!
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